Visiting Sule the Most Ancient Pagoda for a Myanmar Package Tour
Posted Date: 6/19/20173:02 AM

Myanmar package tour

Sule Pagoda is located in the heart of Yangon city center. It was built according to the political, ideological and geographical direction of Myanmar. Rebuilt in 1880, the golden temple was used by the British as the nucleus of their grid model for the city. Its height is 152 feet (about 48 meters). This is an ideal destination for a Myanmar travel tour because it is said to be a very sacred pagoda here. This article will help you to explore this Myanmar tourist destination in your nearest tour.
Myanmar package tour

What makes this remarkable among other Burma tours is, according to Myanmar legend, the pagoda was built more than 2,500 years ago. It is believed to be a place to keep a Buddha's hair. Whether or there is a hair of the Buddha or not, the pagoda’s galleries are in an oasis of calm located far away from the chaotic traffic that goes around it all day long. For tourists who like to experience those strange feeling, a Myanmar package tour Sule pagoda is really suitable. This pagoda was the focal point of both Yangon and Myanmar political areas. It served as a gathering point in both 1988 and the 2007 Saffron Revolution revolt, and now as a wonderful place for tourists in their Myanmar holidays.
Myanmar package tour

The Sule Pagoda incorporates the original Indian structure of the stupa. However, the local architecture began to change the shape of the pagoda. The dome structure, topped with a golden spiral, extends to the horizon, marking the cityscape and extremely attractive for a Myanmar package tour. The golden color on the roof of Sule Pagoda always attracts all pedestrians on their way traveling around the city.

Sule Pagoda was the centerpiece of Yangon led by Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Fraser of Bengal Engineers, who created the current layout of Yangon after the British occupation of the mid-19th century. This is a unique pagoda for your holidays to Myanmar with an octagonal shape, each side is 24 feet long and is 144 feet high. Around the temple, there are ten copper bells in different sizes and ages with the inscription of their sponsors and the days of their dedication.
Myanmar package tour

Nowadays, Sule is known not only for being a sacred religious destination which is highly worthy for your Myanmar package tour, but also a symbol of Yangon, with its unique architecture from every exquisite refinement. Those who come here will also experience the feeling of praise as well as the ultimate surprise to enjoy the sense of peace in this peaceful place. Especially, going to Sule on a deviant afternoon in a Myanmar biking tour, while the sunset bright covered the Pagoda, Sule looks like a jewel in the middle of both ancient and modern Yangon. Coming here and visit gorgeous Sule Pagoda, you can feel the peace of your mind and get rid of your stress in daily work burdens.
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