Muong Hoa Valley the Most Picturesque Sapa for Best Treks in Vietnam
Posted Date: 5/13/20172:29 AM

best treks in Vietnam

The place of gorgeous terraces in Sapa

To be the symbol of Sapa town, terraces attract every tourist to come here to visit. Sapa has tremendous areas for terraces, but the most beautiful and the largest must be in Muong Hoa valley. If you come for a trekking in the North Vietnam in the summer, Muong Hoa valley is vividly attractive with the green color of rising rice. In the fall, it is covered by the bright yellow glamor of ripening rice. Tourists will be overwhelmed by the impression and jump to conclusion that the valley is the most attractive in the fall after seeing the captivating pictures from here. However, indeed, it is beautiful differently in different seasons that only when coming here, tourists can feel it.

Aside from terraces with every higher step, there are various types of flowers to blossom all year round near the valley, which makes your journey one of the best treks in Vietnam. The most charming must be the rose garden with the gorgeous red color to charm you.
best treks in Vietnam

Fresh atmosphere in Muong Hoa spring along the valley

This is a pretty spring which is 15 kilometers in length, winding its way through many communes such as Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao and Ban Ho. Coming to the valley in the summer for a Vietnam hiking tour, tourists can touch their feet in the cool water, listen to its murmuring and enjoy the comfort here. Escaping from the hot weather of the lowlands, you can feel differently in Sapa with the fanciful beauty of the Silver waterfall, Fairy Cave River… and this spring is also an outstanding attractive feature for the mountainous sceneries in here.
best treks in Vietnam

The mysterious ancient rock field 

It is a collection of rocks that spreads over an acreage of 4 kilometers in length and 2 kilometers in width through mountain ranges with at least 159 rocks located in Muong Hoa valley. This place should be noted in your schedule of best treks in Vietnam as it attracts tremendous tourists to come and watch. The rocks here are in various shapes and sizes. They are carved with many mysterious drawings that are still not explained well until now. Many archaeologists from Vietnam, France, Russia or Australia have come to this rock field and studied about Vietnam outdoors.
best treks in Vietnam

There are big rocks with human shapes carved in different postures such as arm-outstretching, hand-holding… and there are some others carved with mysterious characters and pictograms. This ancient rock field has been recognized as a national relic and a heritage of the ancient Vietnamese. Most of the scientists consider it a massive heritage of the humankind. Not only being valuable in terms of art, it is also respectable with values related to spirits. Many people think that it conveys some messages that our ancestors want the descendants to know. 

All of the above features have made up the unique attraction for the beautiful Muong Hoa valley among your best treks in Vietnam. Of course, they are just some of the most outstanding and captivating points to be named when mentioning Muong Hoa. There are still a lot more interesting things to explore once you come to visit this place on a hiking trip to Sapa. What are you still waiting for? 
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