Inle Lake Heaven on Earth From Myanmar Holidays
Posted Date: 6/17/20172:17 AM

Myanmar holidays

Inle Lake not only has the beauty of nature, but it is also the home of the Inthar (an ethnic minority in Myanmar). In your holidays to Myanmar, you will know that Inthar in Burmese means "lake-dweller". For thousands of years, Inle Lake has been the place where happens every social activity of Inthar people. Inthar people live completely on the lake surface. They build houses and buildings on the lake. The great Intharic initiative is that they cultivate many plant types on the water surface by making floating rafts kept by bamboos pressing down to the lake bottom. Thus, these "floating fields" will rise and fall according to the water level in the lake, which makes up your interesting Myanmar holidays.

The most common plant of the Inthar are tomatoes planted on the Inle Lake, which is a specialty of the place. Burmese people often say in Burma tours that "you have never been to Inle if you have not eaten tomato salad here." When a girl reaches her marriage age, her parents often cut for her a few floating rafts as her dowry, she will pull the rafts to where she lives and cultivate there. When enjoying your Myanmar holidays, one thing can be realized easily is apart from cultivation, the Inthar also live based on the fish caught in the lake.
Myanmar holidays

Spotted in the sunrise of the East, there are shades of fishermen on the lake. The image of Inthar men rowing with one foot in a small canyon boat has become a typical cultural feature of the lake. Inle not only attracts tourists for a Myanmar travel tour with its pristine beauty and resorts close to nature, but it is also the destination for many tourists who want to know more about a cultural area with a long history.

Currently, in the south of Inle Lake, there is still a land which is called Bagan in Shan State. It is the remaining ancient city, with its 11th-century brick architecture, once the capital of the Shan emperor, or the cultural beauties of ethnic minorities such as Padaung- the well-known long neck tribe. This must be a very exciting experience for you when enjoying Myanmar holidays.
Myanmar holidays

If you have reached every corner of Inle Lake in your Myanmar holidays, you cannot miss the spectacular sunset view. An orange glow from the corner of the sky gradually dives down, brightening the whole sky, and the scene becomes sparkling fanciful, causing visitors drown in this peaceful and romantic space. It is unnecessary to require a luxury travel to Myanmar, just some food and add some music while enjoying those brilliant moments with friends is always an unforgettable memory.

Change your trip a little by cycling in Myanmar on the Red Mountain, the famous vineyard and wine making of the country of pagodas is an exceptionally enjoyable experience. You can drop yourself under a large tree, watching the whole Inle sceneries from above, enjoy a glass of wine in the cool atmosphere. Many people easily imagine themselves to be in a peaceful countryside in France.
Myanmar holidays

Inle, unlike everywhere else, can attract tourists with its simple, peaceful but romantic and uniquely impressive beauty during your Myanmar holidays. Coming to Myanmar and enjoy a trip to Inle, you will never regret spending time and money for such a tour. 
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