Hang En Cave Likely to be Hollywood Blockbuster "Peter Pan" location
Posted Date: 5/15/20142:58 AM

According to Foreign Affairs of Quang Binh province, Hang En Cave (Swallow cave) is likely to be the location of “Peter Pan” – a fairy blockbuster beloved by kids over the world

Dated May 05th, representatives of Quang Binh Foreign Affairs confirmed that the team of 10 from Wanner Bros Feature Film (USA) arrived and taking a tour to Hang En Cave located in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in order to inspect the location for next shootings of the fairy movies ‘Peter Pan’.

In two days, the team used flying remote controlled filming equipment to calculate the scenes likely shot in Hang En cave. The scenes include Peter Pan flying in caves, on the sky over hundreds of magnificent peaks and ever green jungles.

This is the film about Peter Pan – a fictional character beloved by million children over the world for centuries.
The chosen location, Hang En cave was discovered by explorers of British Royal Caving Association. The cave is a typical sample of the earth cover moving progress from million years

The name of Hang En comes from the reason there are endless number of swallows habitat there. “En” mean swallows in Vietnamese. Hang En cave is the third largest cave over the world, after Son Doong cave, both in Vietnam and Deer cave in Malaysia

The cave is over 1.6km long (through a whole mountain range), some places bigger than 170m, the highest point is at 120m and include 3 mouths (one perching on middle of mountain, two at the mountain foot of which one toward to South East and one toward to North West, following the stream of Rao Thuong). This is a very special feature rarely seen in Vietnam’s caves

The main entrance to South East, nearly 100 m width, is blocking by a stone cylinder. The front façade is with a big sediment. Surrounded the entrance is thick jungle, the North West entrance has magnificent and magic beauty with 83m height and 35m width

Vietnam is excited to see fairy ‘Neverland’ transparenting from Hang En cave on screen. The film is slated for a July 17, 2015 release.
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