Best Vietnam Travel Guides About Preparing Things for Your Summer Trip
Posted Date: 4/25/20171:59 AM

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1. Sunscreen

The summer weather is extremely attractive for tourists to visit Vietnam with the blue sky and floating white clouds. The scenes may help them to have a lot of impressive and romantic photos. However, the skin under the effect of the direct sunshine can also be ruined quickly if you do not prepare some good kinds of sunscreen. In fact, this stuff is really important for summer days, especially for women to join in whatever outdoor activities in Vietnam. With sunscreens in the handbags, you will never have to worry about the bad effect of the direct sunshine on your skin. There is no other better protective method for skin compared to this.

Actually, sunscreen is not only used for women. Men also need this stuff to take care of the skin. The steps to apply sunscreen on the skin is not complicated at all, so just spend a little time to use sunscreen before going for any type of swimming, trekking or cycling in Vietnam tours.
Vietnam adventure guide

2. Wide brim hats

You can feel much more comfortable to go out in the summer days with a wide brim hat, which can help to somehow protect you from the severe summer sunshine and prevent sunstroke. The stuff is also included in this list of best Vietnam travel guides.

Furthermore, colorful hats with various styles, shapes, and sizes will also become a useful stuff of accessories to make you become more attractive and pretty. With the decoration of nice wide brim hats, you can be more confident to take beautiful photos during, for example, a cycling through Vietnam.
Vietnam adventure guide

3. Sunglasses

Again, under the direct sunshine, apart from skin, your eyes also need to be protected. A pair of sunglasses is very necessary in this case. Not only being helpful in eye protection, this stuff is also a fashionable accessory to make yourself cooler and easier to take impressive photos and participate in Vietnam outdoor activities.

Nowadays, there are a lot of sunglasses for both women and men to be sold in the market. Therefore, each of us can easily choose a pair of sunglasses that suits us the most in terms of flavor, color, sizes and price.
Vietnam adventure guide

4. Coats

There is no more problem to go out in summer days when we have prepared sun coats. Indeed, sun coats are still necessary even when we have applied sunscreen. More cautions are always better than not, and that what we would like to mention in this best Vietnam travel guides article. Like other kinds of the stuff mentioned above, sun coats are also sold in the market with a variety of shapes and sizes. Generally, when going to beaches, people often wear thin coats or kimonos because they help us look young and fashionable. Furthermore, although this kind of coat has a little help in covering the skin under the sunshine, at least, they help to reduce the uncomfortable feeling, which is enough because you also have applied sunscreen before. And believe or not, this stuff also help us to take nicer photos during the trip in the summer.
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5. Light luggage

In fact, many people often carry a lot of clothes and other things for a trip, but not many of them are actually used during the trip. On the other hand, they become a burden because they are heavy and you can also forget them somewhere, especially in some Vietnam hiking tours. Therefore, as the next tip in this list, you should carry only some necessary clothes and stuff, mostly shorts, T-shirts or light dresses.
Vietnam adventure guide

The above are some of the most necessary included in the best Vietnam travel guides for things that you are supposed to carry along for a trip to Vietnam in the summer days. Your trip will be fulfilled with the help of this stuff. And indeed, just enjoy your time in Vietnam with your friends and lovers, nothing can compare to.
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